Six Figure Security Career By Cyberactive Security

Six Figure Security Career

Start or grow your cyber security career to a 6 figure salary | Your Instructor: Brandon Spencer

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Michael Phay

Valuable road-map for anyone at any level of their career

This course has been (and continue to be) a valuable resource for planning and navigating my career. I always had a strong interest in the area of security and actually plan on moving careers in the upcoming months. Thanks to this course, I've bee...

Chris Powell

Great course :-)

Michael Phay

This course has been (and continue to be) a valuable resource for planning and navigating my career. I always had a strong interest in the area of security and actually plan on moving careers in the upcoming months. Thanks to this course, I've bee...

Chris Powell

Brandon Spencer
Brandon Spencer
CEH, CISSP, CNDA, CPTE, Security+ Certified

About the instructor

Hi! I’m Brandon.

I’m the Co-founder of Cyberactive Security, LLC. I’m also a professional cyber security engineer and architect with over 16 years experience in the field.

If you'd like to learn about my qualifications and background, click here.

Wishing you all the best and success!


Course Description

The ONLY system designed to get you working and headed for a 6 figure salary in the fastest growing, multi-billion dollar industry: Cyber Security.

Designed for those who:

  • Want a rewarding and fulfilling career that pays a REALLY good salary
  • Tired of struggling to get a job in cyber security with no luck
  • Know you want to work in cyber security, but don’t feel like you have what it takes.

And this system will work for you even if you:

  • Have NO experience working in technology, cyber security, or any other environment.
  • Have NO certifications or college degree. Sure these are important, but you don’t need them to get started
  • Already work in cyber security

FINALLY…you can break into this RAPIDLY GROWING industry and earn an unbelievable salary.

And I’ll show you exactly how to do it!

Now, you may be thinking:

  • “…I’ve tried to get a job, but I can’t do it”
  • “…I’m not qualified to work in cyber security”
  • “…I don’t know what to do, or even how to do it”

I used to think that too. When I worked as a network engineer, I wanted to get into security. I was fascinated by it. I’d work with security engineers and watch them. And I was impressed! I would say to myself "What a cool job to have!"

But I had no idea how to get one of those security jobs. I didn’t think I was qualified to do the work (even with a college degree and lots of technical experience). And I applied, and applied, and applied...but never got hired.

But I finally caught a break. And there was a certain way I went about getting that first security job, and many other security jobs after that.

But I almost gave up. I didn’t believe I could do it. But just a few short years later, I am a cyber security engineer and architect.

I don’t want you to give up (like I almost did)!

Imagine yourself: Getting paid an AWESOME salary and having a steady career for MANY years!

Picture yourself: Being a respected member of the cyber security community and stopping attacker’s cold!

Believe in yourself: Because you can do this! And I can show you how.


The Six Figure Security Career

A fully mentored, and interactive program that takes you from wherever you are RIGHT NOW…and:

  • Turns you into a working cyber security professional
  • Gives you all the tools to grow your cyber security career
  • Puts you on track to make a six figure salary

This system features:

  • 9 jam packed modules which includes topics like:
    • Finding the your ideal job for today, next year, and in the future
    • Creating a KILLER resume, cover letter, and other documents so you get noticed, called back, and interviewed
    • Preparing, conducting, and WINNING OVER any company in your interview. Even after it’s over!
    • All the skills, certifications and education you’ll ever need to hit the six figure salary mark!
  • Direct access to the MOST IMPORTANT career portfolio templates and swipe files (meaning you get to steal my work). Get resume, cover letter, emails, and more…all ready for you to use, replace my name, and call them your own.
  • An exclusive community where you can access me and other members. This is where we work through challenges, where you get support, and where you direct feedback so you know the path forward.
  • And so much more…

Maybe you’ve struggled with:

  • Getting a good paying job
  • Working crazy hours just to make ends meet
  • Or searched all over the internet to try and crack-the-code to getting a cyber security job.

You’re search ends right here!

Are you ready for a change? Are you tired of:

  • Reading countless websites and articles?
  • Watching countless YouTube videos?
  • Applying all kinds of different advice?
  • Hiring career coaches?

All in the hopes of getting a job?

How have those things worked out for you so far? Not well I bet.

Because your career is a HUGE puzzle of 1,000 pieces and it’s hard to know what goes where.

Well, with this program…that puzzle is gone forever. And I will guarantee it!

This is the COMPLETE system from start to finish on:

  • How to research, find, and get a job in cyber security...quickly!
  • Becoming a REAL working security professional making a GREAT living!
  • Smartly planning to earn a six figure salary!

And I will deliver on this promise.

I will personally mentor you. That’s right! Not teaching, not record some videos and bail on you. I will mentor you through the whole system and make sure you reach your goals.  I'm here 24/7 to answer all of your questions.

Imagine what your life will be like when you’re an actual working security professional.

Being accomplished. Having stable work. Being able to work anywhere in the world! And getting paid really well to do it.

All of this is within reach…and it can all happen if you’re ready.

“Ok, Ok…I get it. This system is the coolest thing ever. So how much is it already!?”

Let me tell you what’s in this system:

  • 9 jam-packed/no-fluff/downloadable training modules to show you exactly what you need to know. Topics like:
    • Where and how to find your ideal job
    • How to research and find the hidden secrets within each job you find.
    • How to build a KILLER resume/cv and other documents
    • Certification, education, skills, and other things that make you a security professional
    • And more.
  • Access to templates and swipe files. Everything is done for you. Resumes, cover letters, email communications…and more. “Swipe” them from me and use them as your own.
  • How to KILL IT in your interview and negotiate you salary and other benefits after they offer you the job.
  • Key technical skills you’ll need to have to take your career to the next level (and make that six figure salary)
  • And tons more…seriously.

So, if I could help you can get a job in cyber security, as fast as 90 days from now, what is that worth?

So what does it cost?

Well, the total value of the entire package is $2,192! Yeah, that’s not a type-o! Over $2,000 dollars of complete value that will make sure you reach your goal of getting a job in cyber security.

And here is the breakdown (in case you’re calling BS on me! :)

  • Six Figure Security Career Course ($499 value)
  • Facebook Community Group ($499 value)

The core program alone is valued at $ 998!

And if that’s not enough, here are the BONUSES included with the core program:

  • Resume Template and Swipe File ($299 value)
  • Cover Letter Template and Swipe File ($199 value)
  • Reference Letter Template and Swipe File ($199 value)
  • Thank You Letter Template and Swipe File ($199 value)
  • Email Response Template and Swipe File ($199 value)
  • Security Certification Roadmap Course ($99 value)

All of these bonuses by themselves are valued at $1,194!

That's a total of $2,192!

So…you’re probably asking yourself…”how much does this cost?

Well…what if I told you that you could get $2,192 worth of value!

You can get started right now for only $97!

There is no catch. No gimmicks. No additional stuff to buy.

You get over $2,000 worth of value to make sure you succeed! For a one-time payment of $197.

Starting salaries for entry-level security professional is around $50,000-$60,000 in most big cities.

Is a $97 investment in your career worth $50,000 to $100,000 or more worth it? Join me in this program and find out what your life will be like when you do.

There is also a 100% no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee! Just show me you did the work, completed the assignments, and didn't get results. I will gladly (but sadly because it didn't work for you) give you your money back!

So all of the risk is on me to get you results!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to this training?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like.

Can I download any of the training?

Yep! Everything is downloadable. The videos, files, and you even get MP3s to learn on the go.

Course Contents

49 Videos
8 Texts
8.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Course Conclusion
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